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Light Kings Price List

We offer the following products for purchase from our crews at the time of installation See our Installation & Takedown Service Price List.

Traditional Christmas lights

Light Kings will install lights that you own or lights that you purchase from us. We do not rent lights. Light Kings will install traditional Christmas lights, LED lights and LED icicles.

If you choose to have your own lights installed, they must be in good condition and in good working order. Cords must also be in good condition with no cracks or frays in the outer casing. You must test your lights prior to your installation. Extra charges for changing burned out bulbs or replacing strands that malfunction will be applied to your invoice.

A service charge (minimum $200) will be charged to re-visit your home to replace malfunctioning bulbs or strands that have not been purchased from Light Kings within One Season.

Light Kings will not install lights that are worn or too well-used, as they can be a fire hazard. We reserve the right to replace clips and cords that are brittle, worn or sub-standard quality.

We GUARANTEE lights that have been purchased from Light Kings for One Year provided the lights have been taken down between seasons.

We GUARANTEE the workmanship of our installations throughout the Holiday Season until January 15th. If a strand that was installed in the current season falls out of place prior to January 15th, our crews will re-visit your home and reinstall it free of charge.


Regular Bulb
(C6 LED)

24 ft. strand - 70 bulbs per strand - bulbs are approx. 1.25"

Red, Blue, Green, Multi

$26.50 per strand

Warm White OR Pure White

Pure White & Red*

Pure White & Blue*

Red & Green*

Red & Pure White & Green *

Warm White & Pure White*

$34.50 per strand

$34.50 per strand

$34.50 per strand

$34.50 per strand

$34.50 per strand

$34.50 per strand

*Mixed colour strands have two LEDs of one colour followed by 2 LEDs of the next colour

Large Bulb
(C9 LED)

16.5 ft. strand - 25 bulbs per strand - bulbs are approx. 2.25"

Red, Blue, Multi

$26.50 per strand

Warm White, Pure White, or Cool White

$34.50 per strand

Warm White

$34.50 per strand



$12.00 per bag


4.5m (green) $12.00 each each

25m (yellow)

$42.00 each

Digital Timers

$31.50 each

*Prices do not include GST*

Space is limited -- book early! Weather conditions can have a big affect on our ability to install your lights, book early to insure we are able to complete the installation.


(See photo at top of page)

"Decorating your home with LED lights could reduce holiday lighting energy use by up to 90%. A typical 50-bulb incandescent strand of lights uses 250 watts and an equivalent 70-bulb LED strand uses only three watts.

For a house that operates holiday lights for six hours a day through the month of December, with an energy price of 8.27 cents per kilowatt hour, six strands of incandescent holiday lights would cost over $23 to power versus a mere 28 cents for LEDs. By replacing the incandescent strands with LEDs, it would save you $22.79 in energy costs for the month."

Because of the improved efficiences of LED lights, and the drop in both customer demand for traditional lights, THERE IS NO AVAILABILITY of replacement strings and lights from our suppliers, Light Kings NO LONGER SUPPLIES OR REPAIRS Traditional Christmas Lights.